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Providing Education for Children with disabilities

Thu 8 Jan 2015 | Children with Disabilities | EpicArts (EA)

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Meet Sapoen Kong, she is 6 years old and lives in Kampot, Cambodia.  Her family is a hard working fishing family that lives in Savonsakor, a village along the Kampot River.


Sapoen is an active, lively, and enthusiastic child who supports her family’s income by collecting recyclable materials from the riverside. Due to the high number of children in Cambodia who work to contribute to their family’s income, many miss the opportunity of an education. 


The Educate A Child (EAC) funded Cambodian Consortium for Out of School Children, led by Aide et Action, offers these children the chance of an education. Epic Arts, an inclusive arts organization in Cambodia which implement this education program in Kampot for children with disabilities, believes in the message that ‘every person counts’.


There are many reasons that children do not attend school in Cambodia; unfortunately, disability is a main cause, as provisions are limited.  Sapoen was born with dwarfism, a rare physical condition misunderstood by many people in her community.  “We are very very happy for our daughter to study with Epic Arts, they do not discriminate unlike the community – she is now learning and knows her alphabet and to count to 5”  Despite being faced with discrimination, Sapoen’s family continued to work hard and support her in any way they could.  Sapoen is now attending inclusive classes at Epic Arts, learning the foundations to enable a brighter future.  Sapoen enjoys being part of this education program and is very keen to learn new skills.  A creative curriculum enables children to be expressive and use the arts as an exciting, fun way to learn. Sapoen has developed many new skills from this access to education.   If it had not been for this Special Education Project, which caters for many students who have struggled to gain access to education, Sapoen would still be isolated from peers and restricted in her development.  Her parents are now supportive in every aspect of her learning and appreciate her potential.