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So Maly’s new life: From a dumpsite to school

Mon 19 Jan 2015 | Street Children | Friends International (FI)

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So Maly* is 7 years old and lives with her parents and 2 brothers in Anlong Pi. Everyday, So Maly walks one kilometre to the dumpsite to scavenge for cans, bottles and others valuable items and to collect left over food to use for animal food. This is the only income her family receives as her father has a chronic disease and her mother must care for her father. So Maly and her brothers do not attend school.


In February 2014, a Friends International (Kaliyan Mith) social worker approached the family to offer counselling and provide information about the services being offered at the Friends International (Kaliyan Mith) centre located near the dumpsite. The family agreed to send So Maly to remedial classes at the centre. So Maly’s older brother Koy, who dropped out in grade 2 to care for their younger brother, was also enrolled in the remedial class, and their younger brother San was enrolled in the preschool to ensure he would still be cared for throughout the day.


Now, So Maly and her brother San attend remedial class every day and will be ready to reintegrate into public school for the next academic year (commencing in October). So Maly’s parents thank Friends International (Kaliyan Mith) for supporting their children to reintegrate to school, for the frequent follow up and counselling they receive and for helping to solve some of the many challenges they face.


*Names have been changed to protect identity of children at risk