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Electric Company Filing Reveals Green Energy NEEDS Backup Power

Electric Company Filing Reveals Green Energy NEEDS Backup Power

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Electric Company admits they need to raise rates, in order to pay for green energy PLUS backup energy for winter months when Solar will not be able to meet the demand.


Dated 12/5/2023


By: Southern Indiana Gas and Electric Company D/B/A Sheet No. 10

CenterPoint Energy Indiana South (CEI South)


Reason for the Filing” Changes to Tariffs & Other Regulatory Items.

Filed by Representative of CenterPoint Energy Service Company, LLC.

*Table of Historic Bill Growth over the last 12 years.

12 year indiana utility rate increases.png (59 K<img class='smiley' style='width:20px;height:20px;' src='../../images/smiley/cool.svg' alt='Cool'>


table2.IURC-filing.png (40 K<img class='smiley' style='width:20px;height:20px;' src='../../images/smiley/cool.svg' alt='Cool'>

NOTE: In the Table-2 image above, Residential-standard customers primarily heat their homes with Natural Gas, while Residential-transitional customers heat with electric.

CPP Proposal:

Critical Peak Pricing


Residential customers will be encouraged to enroll in a program where you will be required to have a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat


Customers must provide a mobile phone number and consent to receive notifications of CPP events. If, in addition, a customer provides an email address, the Company will notify the customer through both channels.


The company anticipates a future with high levels of renewable energy resources on its system and growing electrification of residential end uses, which means in the future the company will likely need price signals to communicate relative scarcity and abundance of power on the grid



Midcontinent Independent System Operator (“MISO”) has implemented seasonal accreditation of generating resources largely to ensure reliability in the winter season when solar resources are projected to receive little to no capacity credit.


As such, CEI South does not expect to continue to have large reserve margins in the winter.


A new design is needed to help eliminate the economic incentive to use more energy during these months, thereby helping lower peak usage in the summer and winter months.


CEI South is moving away from DLC switches that are currently installed on participating customers’ air conditioners to more modern smart thermostats to help shift customer load to off peak hours.


CEI South will be charged approximately $27 million per year to provide no-notice gas service, allowing A.B. Brown Units 5 and 6 to run when needed for reliability, with no notice to the gas supplier. These CTs are an essential part of the Generation Transition Plan and are needed to support a fleet of renewable resources.


Resale of Electric Energy, CEI South added language to allow for the resale of electric energy exclusively for the charging of plug-in electric vehicles as allowed by Ind. Code § 8-1-2-1.3.


Service under this Rate Schedule shall be governed by Company’s General Terms and Conditions, the Commission’s Regulations, and the following special provisions:

1. Any replacement water heaters shall be thermostatically controlled and of a type approved by Company.

2. Water heaters shall be permanently installed and in regular use by Customer and shall not be less than 40 gallons capacity.

3. Company reserves the right to control the operation of water heaters where uncontrolled operation creates distribution system difficulties. In such event the controlled period will not exceed four consecutive hours per day, the hours of control to be determined by Company.

4. Electric Service will be furnished through a separate meter to which no other equipment may be connected.

A copy of the complete pdf file can be found in our DOWNLOAD SECTION titled: 


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