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New Spencer County Photo Gallery

New Spencer County Photo Gallery


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Since the goal of the Concerned Citizens of Spencer County website and the group of supporters that has formed around it, is to Help Preserve the beauty of the area, as well as the caring hearts and goals of the majority of Spencer County Citizens, I recently added a photo gallery to our Concerned Citizens of Spencer County Website.

I will be using this new gallery to display GOOD and BAD images FROM Spencer County.


I will also be using it to display current as well as historical images. So, I would like to begin by encouraging the local citizens to let me know what type of images you would like to see on that site.


As soon as you give me some feedback as to what type of images YOU would like to see, I will create albums just for them. Once I get them created, I will encourage everyone to take part in sharing images that you would like to let others see.


While my goal is to help Spencer County grow, yet maintain it’s beauty and uniqueness, I am also a realist and know that in every life as well as every community, there are always a few negative areas that can be improved upon.


I also know that I and the group behind this website started out as anti-solar individuals and do not expect that to change. As such, the initial images placed on in the gallery will be of the Troy Indiana Solar Project.


I am aware of the fact there are some individuals in the area, who do not realize the Troy Solar Project is actually built in Spencer County and that Spencer County approved the project to the point of giving them a tax abatement.


Therefore I am simply posting these images, so that any past, current or former residents of Spencer County will be able to see how the county has changed Visually, over the last few years and what “MIGHT” be in store for the rest of the county, if the solar developers get their way.


This is important, because everyone in the county needs to be aware of the fact that Solar Developers are still getting signatures from local farmers that are willing to lease their crop land and let the developers reduce the crop production of this county for multiple generations.

You can check it out HERE. https://ccosc.org/infusions/gallery/gallery.php

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